Hanging out at Nova Food Park


Nova Food Park has established itself as a go-to place to chill and hangout with your friends. Before another semester of stress and loads of school works, me and my friends decided to meet up at the Nova Food Park. Located at Nagkaisang Nayon, Novaliches, Quezon City. The place opens at 5 in the afternoon till 2 AM.


My family and some friends have tried the famous BRATZ Burger which may be one of the reasons why Nova Food Park was built. BRATZ Burger have been in the place where Nova Food Park is since before it was built. I have only tried their burgers from take-outs my family brought home when they visit the place. The burgers are really good but it’s different to try it at the place where it’s cooked. It was also cool that they have an upper deck so you can have a view of the entire place while devouring the burger.

Catching up with friends means taking pictures for Facebook

You can never be disappointed with BRATZ burger because it’s REALLY DELICIOUS!

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the burger since I was so excited to try it that time.

But you can visit their Facebook page here to see for yourself: BRATZ Burger

A good selfie is also included HAHA

We also tried their Pizza Fries to see how it looks and tastes! It’s also good but not good enough for sharing though lol

Sorry for the mess around the Pizza Fries 😀


Catching up with friends can’t end without some alcoholic drinks. We were not sure what place to go for alcohol since there are few but this place caught our eyes so we decided to try it. Good thing that we went early so the place is not full and we can choose where to seat. Welcome to ROX Gastropub!


Smirnoff Mule was a hit that time so we ordered a bucket.


We also need something to eat while drinking and chatting so we tried their nachos.

The Cheesy Grande Nachos of Rox Gastropub
The Place is good for picture-taking 🙂
We actually got 2 buckets of Smirnoff Mule.

I remember feeling a little dizzy on the way home that time so I asked my friends to eat somewhere to wash off the alcohol. We ate congee in a famous lugawan at Novaliches before we went home.


For more updated info about ROX Gastropub, visit the Facebook page here:  ROX Gastropub


Next time I tried to visit ROX Gastropub was with my sister. A lot of people were ordering pizza last time I went so we tried their Pepperoni Pizza and of course, a bucket of Smirnoff Mule!


The pizza is thin crust and it’s the right partner for a pint of alcoholic drink!


Visit Nova Food Park Facebook Page here:  Nova Food Park


Do you have a similar experience with mine? Share it with me and let’s talk about it 🙂




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