The Arrow With a Heart Pierced Through Him – SHORT STORY

There was an Arrow who was getting tired of his pointy life. Until one day, he woke up feeling heavier than usual. He woke up with a Heart pierced through him.

“Whose heart are you and how did you get here?” the Arrow asked. But there was no reply. The Arrow was feeling heavy because he was not used to it. So he started searching for the owner of the Heart because it was weighing on him.

The Arrow asked everyone he met, if they owned the Heart. Everyone denied the Heart was theirs. Some would say, “No, that’s not my heart.” or “No, but I feel I might soon.”

As the Arrow continued the search, he noticed the Heart was getting lighter. He didn’t know why, probably the Heart is losing weight, he is gaining strength, or the Heart may have been able to carry itself.

They pass another, who asked the Arrow: “Excuse, but have you been looking for the one who has lost that heart?” the Heart did not reply. The heart didn’t need to. The heart just slowly moved back from the arrow. Slowly. Very Slowly. Until the Heart is no longer pierced through the Arrow.

The Heart moved on.

The Arrow who used to have a Heart pierced through him tried to move on but he was too heavy, and he was dragging himself down. The Arrow could not understand why felt heavier when he actually no longer had the load of carrying somebody’s Heart.

The Arrow tried to go back to his old, pointy life and every day, he would wake up feeling heavier than usual. But there was no Heart pierced through him each time. So the Arrow decided to be patient and just try to be the old Arrow that he was before he became the Arrow with a Heart pierced through him. So he can live normally again. And He did.

One day, he just woke up feeling a little stranger than usual. The Arrow woke up being tired of his pointy life again. Until he heard a question too familiar that it was not strange at all.

“Excuse me, but have you lost your heart?”

The Arrow was surprised. It was the Heart who used to be pierced through him. And there was no reply. The Arrow and the Heart didn’t need any.




At first, hearing the start of the story did not hooked me. But as it continued, you get to feel the emotions of the characters involved. You get to sympathize with the burden each characters are carrying.

The Arrow at first did not want the Heart because he doesn’t know her. He feels burdened because of her weight. But at some time, the Heart seems like it’s the one carrying the Arrow. But when they finally learn to adjust and accept the situation, they separated. The Heart might have felt that she was really not accepted after all. The Arrow was happy at first even though he was not feeling heavy anymore. But he felt that something was missing, because he got used to being with Heart. In the end, it was a happy ending. It did not need a reply or explanation. And that is love.

We can relate the story to a famous thought where we only realize the importance of something when it’s gone. It is a simple but touching story that reminds us to learn to accept people in our lives, embrace and adjust to reality, and think about the acts we will do.


Here are the videos for this story:


The story was published into a book after the movie where it came from became successful.


Related news:

‘The Arrow With a Heart Pierced Through Him’ from ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ is a real book

Antoinette Jadaone’s ‘The Arrow With A Heart Pierced Through Him’ is now out



That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

The story was from a Filipino romantic comedy film in 2014 called That Thing Called Tadhana (That Thing Called Meant-To-Be).

It follows Mace (Angelica Panganiban) and Anthony (JM de Guzman), who meet at an airport in Rome and upon arriving in the Philippines, decide to go places together. While Mace tries to forget and move on from a failed relationship, Anthony recalls his own disappointments, failures and struggles. In the process of trying to mend their broken hearts, they develop a kinship that progressively deepens as they get to know each other better. -Wikipedia

Trailer for this movie:


The movie is a one of the most successful indie films in the Philippines.  It is simply realistic that it captures the audience with its depiction of true-to-life events related to romantic relationships. It was funny because of the leading lady’s graceless acts dealing with her situations. And it is touching because the script strikes you to the core.

In the film world where movies are mostly about rich and the poor conquering everything to kiss in the end, this movie segregates itself by focusing on two people slowly falling in love. It will leave you realizing that love is all about actuality.


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  1. How sweet is this story? I did actually relate to this from an experience. What a lovely way to actually explain that experience. I really enjoyed reading it. Shared the link to a few people i think will like it….

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  2. Beautiful story that we can all relate. Sometimes we tend to seek for something and forget or tend to neglect what we already have until it’s too late. Appreciate what you have until it became what you had, not every story has a happy ending.

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  3. That´s a lovely story. I would love to watch the movie or better to read the book. Usually, books are better than the movies, but that´s only my opinion. I should look it up and take it on my next travel.

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    1. The book is actually not related to the movie. The story is just told in the movie since character want to be a writer when she was in college. Hope you try to watch the movie 🙂


  4. This is the first time I read the story, I did not understand at first, I though it was a love story and the arrow was searching for another heart! but then, I got the point! great story. But i feel like, no necessary we need to lose someone to value them; sometimes space and time is right enough to understand what we want. Nowadays, relationships may consume so much of our time that we forget about ourselves; but when we get back to who we are, then we can share our heart next to an arrow 😉

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