At Cafe 6 tackles about coming-of-age issues, friendships, family, heartbreak, and depression. It will leave you at awe at the end of the movie as you realize that it  resembles our daily lives. The main story is about long-distance relationship and how to sacrifice and conquer everything for it.



The movie starts in a rainy night, where a cafe owner sees a lady crying in the road. He invited her inside the cafe to dry off while waiting for the rain to stop. He offered her coffee and started a conversation that led to long-distance relationship. After giving some advices, he started to tell the story why he opened a cafe.



The story starts with Guan Min-lu (Dong Zijian),  Xiao Bo-zhi (Austin Lin), and friends doing naughty things at school and were caught in the act by an officer. Cai Xin-yi (Ouyang Nini) was dragged along without doing anything with them. Li Xin-rui (Cherry Ngan) was then introduced as Guan Min-lu’s crush for two years when she goes to the office to vouch for Cai Xin-yi.

Guan Min-lu (middle), Xiao Bo-zhi (right)

Fast forward to the introduction of Guan Min-lu’s mom, who raised him for years as a single parent. We then see the boys playing a card game in the classroom when Xin-yi and Xin-rui entered and joined them moments after. The card game led to a dare where Min-lu won and Xin-rui agreed to have a date with him but Xin-yi told them that she wants to tag along. All four, Min-lu, Xin-rui, Bo-zhi, and Xin-yi, went together and had fun that day.

Left to Right – Cai Xin-yi, Xiao Bo-zhi, Guan Min-lu, Li Xin-rui

Some time later, Bo-zhi made a plan to help Min-lu have a movie date with Xin-rui and him with Xin-yi. After the movie date, Min-lu promised Xin-rui that he will go with the same college as her. The next morning, Xin-rui admitted to Xin-yi that she likes Min-lu but is afraid of the uncertainties they might encounter in the future.

Min-lu and Bo-zhi was then caught up in a commotion when they tried to save Song Yi-ren (Ireine Song) from a group of gangsters harassing her. Few days after, the gangsters retaliated and the boys were detained at the jail in the end. Xin-rui went to check on Min-lu but was told that she was the first person he want to see but also the last. Min-lu was bailed out by his mom and was given a bowl of noodles at home before being asked who won the fight and reminded that he’s not a kid anymore. (What a cool mom! I really liked this scene.)

Song Yi-ren before being mobbed by gangsters

Bo-zhi was badly beaten from the fight so he had to stay at the hospital. Min-lu and Xin-yi visits Bo-zhi and moments later came Yi-ren. Min-lu goes out to buy some snack and found Yi-ren waiting for him. Yi-ren confesses her feelings to Min-lu but was turned down when he said he already liked someone. Xin-rui was waiting at the back and hearing the conversation. She suddenly comes toward Min-lu then hugged him without saying anything.

Xin-yi helping Bo-zhi study for the coming exams

Exam results came, Min-lu and Bo-zhi will go to the same college which means Min-lu can’t keep his promise to Xin-rui. Min-lu reassured Xin-rui that distance won’t matter between their relationship and that he will always find a way to meet her. After days of working part-time, Min-lu gave Xin-rui a recorder and a tape with “I am here with you” written to it.


Time passed and we see Xin-rui in college still listening to the tape Min-lu gave her. She calls Min-lu to tell him that she was hired in a cafe and that it would be great to have a cafe in the future. Min-lu, who’s working part-time day and night, visits Xin-rui after some days and they had  a movie date. Meanwhile, Min-lu’s mom visits the dorm only to find Bo-zhi at the entrance who then tells her that Min-lu is on a business trip.

Min-lu and Xin-rui on their first date in college

Xin-rui met a student magician in her campus and was asked to be his assistant. She agreed and invited Min-lu to attend the show. On the night of the show, we see Min-lu coming from work and hurriedly running to the theater. He went jealous when he saw how the magician carried Xin-rui while doing the magic act. It also adds to his irritation when the magician picked him as a volunteer for the trick and was made fun of. After the show, the couple stayed at the cafe where Xin-rui works, they settled the issue, and end the night with a kiss.

The couple before the kiss

One day, while walking, Min-lu and Xin-rui saw a cute cat in a pet shop. Min-lu asked Xin-rui what would she name the cat if it’s hers, she said Xiao Lu (Little Lu). Days passed and we see Min-lu waiting for Xin-rui coming out from an English lesson class. Min-lu asked Xin-rui why is she studying English, she answered that she wants to visit a cafe abroad in the future. Xin-rui asked Min-lu to study english too which resulted to an argument about Xin-rui changing too much. The quarrel ended with Xin-rui telling him that they were different since the beginning.

Min-lu tries to study English that evening before receiving a call from her mother who’s asking him to visit home after the exams. Xin-rui was robbed one night and Min-lu tries to get to her as soon as he can but only came a day after not being able to catch the last train. They argued again when Min-lu asked her what he needs to do, only realizing later that Xin-rui just needs him to be by her side. 




Xin-rui’s birthday came but train trips are not available because of a typhoon. Min-lu asked Bo-zhi to go with him to Xin-rui. They conquered the typhoon and when they passed by the pet shop, Min-lu was told that the cute cat was bought today. They waited in front of Xin-rui’s dorm only to find her with the magician and the cute cat.

The boys braving the storm

Bo-zhi yelled at the magician to go before giving space to the couple. Min-lu asked Xin-rui if the cat is still called Xiao Lu (Little Lu). He burst into tears before giving his gift. The couple talked that night, and as the rain pours so as their tears.


Days passed, Min-lu was so down that he doesn’t even pay attention to school exams. Suddenly, he received a call that his mother has passed away. (This scene really broke my heart)


After some time, they had a high school reunion. Min-lu decided not to come, saying he just wants to see Xin-rui. They both went to a beach where they light up some fireworks.  Min-lu reminded Xin-rui about his promise back then before asking her if there is still a chance for them.

Last time seeing each other


We go back to the future where the cafe owner, Bo-zhi, ends the story with the lady. He then goes back to his house where we see that he ends up being with Xin-yi. He then reads an old letter from Min-lu asking him a favor to put up a cafe because Xin-rui would want to own one someday.

What happened to Min-lu? Better watch the movie for you own sake.

At the end of the credits, we see Xin-rui drinking coffee using a mug from Bo-zhi’s cafe. She then calls the name of her cat, Xiao Lu.


At Cafe 6 was compared to movies  like Our Times (2015) and You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011), with the same genre of romance-comedy. It touched the hearts of audiences with its throwback and nostalgia feels. Leaving us reminiscing our childhood and high school days. Where we only have fun with friends and do not worry about the days ahead. Only the inclusion of topics like depression and tragedy differed itself from recent same-genre movies.


  • I was a little mad about the fact that Min-lu was the only one exerting efforts going to Xin-rui. He was working day and night just to buy a ticket, even forgetting to visit his mom just to be with Xin-rui. There was also no moment that Xin-rui offer to travel to Min-lu or give some money back for his travel expenses. It was only Min-lu sacrificing for their relationship. I was also frustrated that Xin-rui keeps on worrying about uncertainties in the future. (Like really? Can you just live in the moment.)
  • The friendship of Bo-zhi and Min-lu was a great one. Through ups and downs, Bo-zhi was always there for Min-lu. He even fulfilled his wish of putting up a cafe for Xin-rui. The chemistry of the actors are really good that you get sentimental in the end because you realize how much Bo-zhi sacrificed for his friend.
  • I’ve watched Our Times and You Are the Apple of My Eye. I can say that even though they have similar storyline, At Cafe 6 makes you realize a lot more. It leaves a trail of sentimentality.

Here’s the trailer of the movie:

Here’s the music video for the movie:

Definitely recommended!



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