Addicted to Love Desserts – REVIEW

Everyone loves desserts. Whether if its a simple lunch or dinner, a birthday celebration, a meeting, or merienda, you can’t forget the dessert.

Back in 2015, there was a trending dessert buffet restaurant emerging in Quezon City called “Love Desserts”. They opened a second branch in Fairview and I thought of trying it out.

They offer a variety of cakes and pastries.
They have a lot of ice cream flavors to choose from.
You can ask a staff to make a crepe for you. You choose the flavor and some toppings you want to add.
Me and my sister back in April 2015


When another semester starts, what else would I need but a sugar rush before I get swept away by school works. I invited my friends to eat at the Banawe branch.

Me, and my friends in college.

199 pesos for 2 hours of unlimited desserts is a really good catch. They also offer drinks like coffee, tea, and juice. There is also rice porridge or lugaw and champorado on alternate days.


My cousin’s birthday is coming and I convinced them to celebrate it at Love Desserts since they haven’t tried it yet. We are near the Fairview branch so we opt to go there.

Front of Love Desserts, Fairview

Note: They are always full and you will have to wait at least half an hour before you get your seat so be patient. Just think about the desserts you’ll eat once you get seated.


Here is the birthday celebrant with a “Happy Birthday” plate for picture taking. LOL. She also enjoys her bowl of ice cream with mixed toppings of sweets. By the way, you get to eat at “Love Desserts” for free if you go there during your birthday. Just check the Facebook page for additional info.


They offer different kinds of cakes and pastries every visit.
Here you can see that they have a lot of ice cream flavors. YEY!
They also have complete ingredients for Halo-Halo.
This is where you ask for your crepe.


Before the Christmas break I invited my friends to eat at the Banawe branch. It was the final day of exams and I just need some sweets to revamp my brain cells. HAHA

The Brazo de Mercedes is my all-time favorite
Cakes look good!
It looks like a lonely crepe but that’s what I asked for, a plain crepe with caramel. HAHA


May 2016, It was my mom’s birthday. We thought of celebrating it at a restaurant when suddenly Love Desserts came to mind.

“Love Desserts” staff in the crepe station is really good at this designing for celebrants.
Stack of cakes for the sweet tooth.
Every corner of “Love Desserts” is good for picture-taking so don’t forget taking one or a couple.

Love Desserts is not only for foodies, sweet tooth, or celebrants. It’s definitely for everybody for any occasion.


Visit the “Love Desserts” Facebook page here for updated info: Love Desserts Facebook Page


Do you also love sweets or desserts? Share your thoughts!



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