I Love Amo Yamie Crib – REVIEW

“Amo means Love. Yummy means Delicious. A Crib is my own happy place.” – Amo Yamie Crib


First time at Amo Yamie Crib, Mendiola

My first time at Amo Yamie Crib was a fun and memorable one. I visited the Mendiola branch with 3 of my friends back in 2014. Entering the cafe, you’re greeted by the friendly staff and the warm and cosy ambience. You will eat in a “crib”, which is small box-like space, where you can sit down, relax, and chill.

The cafe offers a variety of food and we chose to try their burger, nachos, and clubhouse sandwich. The name of their milkshakes are also fairy tale-inspired, like the Jav-Alladin, Wizard of Oreo, and Snow White which were the ones we ordered that time. It was also my first time seeing a PINK nachos. LOL

Amo Yamie Crib Menu. Photo from Zomato.
This is how their cribs look like but it is different per branch.

Note: You have to remove your shoes before entering the crib.


Next time I visited AYC was in 2015 at their new branch in Espana, Manila. Two of my high school classmates were studying at UST which is across the new branch so we made plans to meet there and have some time to catch up.

This time, I tried the Jav-Alladin Frappe.
Me and my friends from UST.
amo _yamie_crib_espana_manila
We had the Nachos Fries and Clubhouse Sandwich. Food is Instagram-worthy!
This sign welcomes you when you enter the AYC.


The last time I visited AYC was last year, and they still never fail to amaze me with the homey feeling I receive entering the cafe. Every milkshake has its own distinct taste so you don’t have to worry choosing new flavor every time you visit.

The 3 Maltersers Frappe
My friend tried the Cinderella’s Carbonara and Clubhouse Sandwich.

From a simple cafe in Pampanga to a known cafe in Manila, Amo Yamie Crib surely has captured the hearts of foodies as they have opened a number of branches today. I can’t wait for my next visit!


Visit their Facebook Page here: Amo Yamie Crib Facebook Page

Note: Please be patient when visiting AYC as you might have to wait before you can seat because they are always jam-packed.


Do you have any similar experience to a cafe like AYC? Let’s talk about it. Comment your reaction or suggestion.




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